Friday, March 7, 2014

Just a thought

Putting this out into the universe:

1) getting 501(c)3 needs to become a major focus for us. If we have managed to sustain the Camelia Institute primarily on personal funds and small donations, imagine what we can do with large donations and GRANTS! THE POSSIBILITIES! Yep, there's definitely a growing supply of equipment being thrown out + there's always demand for equipment in developing countries. For this reason...

2) we have decided to hire a third party to complete the filing for us. Our original plan was to file ourselves. Given our previous intentions, a generous donation from the Cabrera-Ortiz family was made towards this cost. We still have this donation saved, however we are in need of more money. As such, we are planning a fundraiser!

3) we have a team working on procuring a location for our first ever fundraiser!!! The money raised for this event will mainly cover the costs of filing for 501(c)3; delivery costs to ship equipment internationally; a photographic project that (we hope) will bring additional revenue and exposure to the Camelia Institute. [i am reluctant to say any more at this juncture]

Sooooo fingers crossed!


P.s. My apologies for the misspellings/grammatical errors/ poor syntax. I am publishing this blog using my phone.

P.P.S. Thank you to the Lauriston-Hamid clan for their recent donation!

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