Thursday, February 27, 2014

Updates coming soon!

Our bad for not blogging these past few months! WOOPS!

Though there have been some things in motion for the Camelia Institute, the major changes have  occurred in our personal/professional lives. Engagements, promotions, school, etc have gotten a bit in the way of our blog.

Though we haven't been as vocal as we should have been, we are still working on the Camelia Institute, albeit at snails pace. We have successfully collected over 50 medical equipment in 2013, and have donated some items to individuals (both older adults/ and younger adults) in desperate need locally and internationally (paying a nominal fee through Cibaeno Shipping). We are working on sending the remaining equipment to the Dominican Republic through our partners there. Hopefully, fingers crossed, within the next two weeks we can get our delivery to Jersey. (I'm putting it out in the universe so the stars align ;)

As a reminder, the Camelia Institute is an organization we created because we have a genuine interest in helping older adults. There is no profit, in fact we are using our own funds to sustain the organization. This is a short term solution, that we are certainly going to fix when we file for tax exemption.  In thinking of our long term plan, we *MUST* set the foundation down right. Which means school and work (the job that pays the bills) is presently our primary focus. Fortunately, I will be able to focus my dissertation on older adult education (told ya we were working on the foundation!)

Until next time! I promise to update the blog more frequently! Shame on me for real!



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