Sunday, November 6, 2011

Don't be mad, be GLAD!

Despite the whirlwind of madness, I have to express my gratitude for those of you who have shown the Camelia Institute your support. We are a very small organization (certainly with hopes of expansion) and can use all of the support we can get, even if it is a simple "like" on facebook.

If you're out there reading this and haven't yet liked us on facebook, please take the opportunity to help us in this small way. You can click "like" on this web address:  THANKS in advance!

Also, I have arranged and organized the pictures/videos from the summer time. Although the footage isn't what I envisioned, I am still extremely proud to share with you all that WE worked on!  This blog should be up by the end of the week, I give my word!

P.S. Thanks to all of the WONDERFUL friends and family of the Camelia Institute. In LESS than 24 hours, we have received over 50 likes on facebook! THANK YOU, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!


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