Tuesday, June 14, 2011

To the Rescue of Octogenerians-- Created 2/16

This week hasn't been the greatest, news headlines have been plagued with attacks on the elderly. Criminals are preying on our old, and in many cases viciously attacking them. They prey on the old because of their weakness and vulnerability (I say this with respect to my elders). It is easier to pick on someone who is unable to defend themselves as well as they would have in their earlier years, instead of attacking someone of similar age & stature.

 In addition to their frail appearance, seniors are often alone and unprotected. For this reason, I ask that we all give a little of our time to the seniors in our lives so that they feel accompanied and protected. I am not asking for constant companionship, instead I am asking that we all devote a few minutes to call someone who is by themselves, ensuring their wellbeing. Or at the very least, help your family member, friend or neighbor cross the street or bring their groceries to their home. Why not go the extra mile and look into senior day programs in which our viejitos can socialize?

Let us rescue our elders from criminals, ensuring their protection. If we all respect the seniors in our lives, we can teach the younger generations to follow our foot steps. Let us stand up for the geriatric population, they stood up for us at one point in time...


P.S. Octogenerians: someone who is in their eighties.


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