Monday, April 18, 2011

What's going on?

Lutful and I are in the process of updating our website: . This needs to happen before we can effectively spread the word about our organization, especially when using social networking sites to inform our family, friends, and the community that we are in operation and most importantly: WE EXIST.

Aside from revamping our existing website (there's been some tweaking which NEEDS to occur before publishing), we have asked some family members and friends for the donation of any medical equipment they did not need. There have been many pledges, let's cross our fingers and hope they become actual donors! Because these pledges are coming from different areas in NYC, Lutful and I will be developing a strategy on how to effectively and efficiently pick up the equipment from each location. ANY IDEAS?  (Down the road, we intend on having drop off locations in various neighborhoods for our donors to conveniently drop off their unwanted equipment).

Until next time! Sooner than later, we hope :)


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