Monday, September 3, 2012

(Part of) My DR Experience


It's been about a month since I had the pleasure of accompanying NTD to 1 nursing home & 2 day centers in Neyba, San Juan & Vallejuelo. Overall the experience was wonderful! It helped me see areas of the Dominican Republic I wouldn't have otherwise visited, & more importantly I witnessed first hand the conditions many of these seniors live in. I was also able to see the amazing work NTD Ingredientes is doing, which helped me realize partnering with them is the best thing for our viejitos in the DR.

The Camelia Institute will be partnering with NTD Ingredientes for projects in the Dominican Republic. NTD has conducted extensive research of nursing homes & day centers throughout the DR. That being said, they have an established relationship with Directors and are easily able to identify existing needs. This is how our partnership will work:
  •  The Camelia Institute will continue collecting non-intrusive medical equipment in NYC. We will be storing the equipment until we have a significant number to send to the DR.
  • The Camelia Institute will transport the equipment to a shipping port in NJ, where NTD Ingredientes is allowing us to ship with them. This will significantly help us financially (we have been absorbing the shipping costs)
  • NTD will distribute equipment, after having first identified center needs.
  • Donations will be made on behalf of both organizations.

There have been a few people with concerns regarding the donations being done directly by NTD & not the Camelia Institute. To these individuals I say, please look at the bigger picture. Our ultimate goal is to help seniors have a higher quality of life. NTD has greater resources & a larger team to continuously make these donations possible. The Camelia Institute isn't quite there yet.

That's it for tonight. Before I go, I though I'd share a few images from a Domino Tournament hosted by NTD with nursing homes/ Day Centers from different regions in the DR.

I'll be back soon, I promise!


P.S. Does anyone know how to have a picture as part of one's signature on gmail? I'd really love to start using this in collaboration with NTD:

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