Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Hello Lovelies!

We'd like to continue spreading sunshine in your lives by updating you with some strides we have made.
  • We will be going to the Dominican Republic in the summertime to donate more equipment! Hurray! We will be working with another foundation, Fundacion NTD Ingredientes, in hopes to better serve our viejitos! (I'll talk a little bit more about this partnership below). 
  • We will be going to Bangladesh in the summertime as well!! How exciting! This will be the Camelia Institute's first time there, and we couldn't be any more excited! Yahoooo! 
 Right now we are paying for a lot of the expenses out-of-pocket.  This will change soon! We know you're eager to help us, so we'd like to invite you to donate to our cause. We already have a special and dear friend who has pledged $200. We don't expect all pledges to be of this quantity, honestly even $1 can help, and we'd be extremely appreciative! We are working on how to make your donations be tax exempt, it's a sllloooowwwwww process, our apologies!

Fundacion NTD Ingredientes:
  • The Camelia Institute was approached by Fundacion NTD Ingredientes earlier this year. NTD has traveled nursing homes/ day centers throughout the Dominican Republic. Though most senior centers have an established need, NTD has established which centers require the most equipment. This is where our partnership comes into play. 
    • NTD has information on the centers which need equipment; Camelia Institute has equipment to donate! 
  • The Camelia Institute will be meeting with members of Fundacion NTD Ingredientes during our visit to the Dominican Republic. This seems like a great opportunity to help the most amount of seniors. **
  • Check out more on this organization here:http://www.fundacionntdingredientes.org/
Until next time!


 **The Camelia Institute will not be sending equipment through this partnership until we first meet face-to-face with members of this organization. Given the black market which exists in the Dominican Republic, we'd prefer to first meet with members of the organization in person first. It gives us all a peace of mind...

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