Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What's Going on?

Greetings! We thought it to be appropriate to share our love on this commercialized holiday! Not really, we just love spreading love everyday! Today just happened to be a good day to blog.

While the world mourns the loss of Whitney Houston, we have successfully collected 24 items! Unfortunately, due to lack of space- we had to ship it to the Dominican Republic earlier than anticipated. Not such unfortunate circumstances, as what I am about to share.

The Camelia Institute was nominated to be NYer of the week in late December- what an honor! I was in communication with a very friendly reporter, who was going to interview our founding team. She was very much interested in the various aspects of the organization, specifically the community involvement in the collection process.  Because of a time conflict, and a busy schedule for the reporters thereafter, our interview was postponed.

While postponed and cancelled are two very distinct words, one often follows the other. I was really looking forward to spreading awareness of our cause & more importantly getting donations! Let's PLEASE cross our fingers and hope for the best... Even though at the end of the day our hard work was recognized by the nomination!

In other news, the Camelia Institute was approached by a foundation in the Dominican Republic. A collaboration with this foundation can be a great thing for impoverished seniors there. This foundation, who will remain anonymous until a decision has been made, have visited nursing homes throughout the country. They have the staff and information to determine which nursing homes are in dire need of the equipment. On paper this seems like a wonderful thing, however, my team members and I have to discuss how this collaboration will function in the long run. Especially taking into account the fact that we would like to ship equipment to countries worldwide.

Until next time, friends!
Jennifer Hernandez

P.S. Special shout out to our founding member Rafael C. for all of his help. He is truly a valuable asset to the Camelia Institute. We would not be here without all of your help! 

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